Terms & Conditions for Chronic Fatigue Calm Down Challenge

Terms & Conditions for the 14-Day Chronic Fatigue Calm Down Challenge

By purchasing this Challenge you agree:

There are no refunds unless it is before you have had a consult and before any links to the challenge have been sent to you.

You will not share any of the information or videos, links, passcodes to videos, emails sent to you with anyone else, even if a Health Practitioner asks you for them.  This is theft. You will refer them or anyone else directly to Suzanne if they want to know about it or see it. If they are a practitioner I will refer them to learn from the inventor of the technique.

If you have been seeing a Practitioner for psychological help, or to help stressful memories from the past or current stressful events, you will continue with any help you are getting 1 on 1 with a Practitioner before you started this for the support you are used to.

If you are too overwhelmed when working on a particular stressful event, just continue with the technique without thinking about that stressful event to calm you. Work on a different stressful event next time you do it and try to go back to the event that overwhelmed you in a few days time.

You agree to seek help in an emergency if you need it. You can do the technique without thinking of a particular stressful event until the help arrives.

You understand the aim of this Challenge is to help decrease the emotional charge of a past or present stressful event.  Being able to do this within 2 weeks is an outstanding achievement for most modalities that help people. The technique can do this in from 1 to 3 days of doing the technique. Some people need more. You have the opportunity in the 14 days to work on more than one event.

If you decrease the emotional charge of just one event, this is considered a success for this Challenge.

The idea is that you continue to do this technique for yourself daily to help keep stressful events from overwhelming you. You can do it daily without thinking about an event, to help stay calm too.