Stress Survey Form

Thank you for answering the questions in my Survey about stress from the past and stress happening in the present. I appreciate it.  This helps me find out what you need and want. 

If you don't understand a question, you could fb chat/messenger message me or guess what I mean and just give it a go. Or leave that question out!

In some of the questions may want the same answers as others, that's ok. Just type the same answer. 

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What is your biggest roadblock when it comes to coping or overcoming past and present stress and anxiety?

What do you want to learn about most when it comes to helping past and present stress and anxiety?

If you could change one thing when it comes to how you deal with past and present stress and anxiety, what would it be? And why?
What have you tried so far to help stress and anxiety? Did it help? If not, why not? If it was too difficult to complete, why do you think this was?
What frustrates you most about how past and present stress and anxiety can affect you and your symptoms?
Why is it important for stress and anxiety to not affect you emotionally and physically right now?
What is the worst part about how stress and anxiety affects your emotions and physical symptoms?
If you could wave a magic wand to make anything happen, when it comes to being able to handle stressful memories and anxiety with calm and ease, what would it be and why?

PLEASE DONT FORGET TO SUBMIT and Thank you for answering these questions. Suzanne xxx