Glenys had debilitating full-body pain and exhaustion from Fibromyalgia, with Chronic Fatigue and had to stop work, for 14 years.  She tried exercising, diets, and natural medicines with no results.  Thinking there was no way out until she discovered the Aches Away & Energize Health Program with Suzanne that helped her feel healthy and more independent with more energy again.

Online, she learned some simple things she could do at home.  By not just treating her symptoms but managing 3 causes of  her Fibromyalgia.

Symptoms of foggy thinking, pressure on top of her head, exhaustion, headaches and pain in her body improved.

At first, she was skeptical.  She was also exhausted.   But considering she had nothing to lose and it was simple to learn, she gave it a shot. 

When she compared her percentage of symptom scores with day one, she realized how much she had improved.  It was like she had forgotten how much pain she had been enduring.

She found after doing these easy to do things at home regularly, her pain levels decreased so much she could reduce her use of pain killers.  The pressure on top of her head and the constant pain in her feet disappeared.  She could think clearly again.  Her dry eyes and mouth are a thing of the past.  Her headaches improved.

You are probably wondering, “But does this really work?”  Of course, we are not expecting you to understand how this can work by just reading this. That’s why Suzanne offers a free initial consultation.

If you live in NZ, Australia, Canada or UK and have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue or Long COVID...

If this interests you and you want to learn more about it, you think this offer is right for you, and you want to reduce your pain and wake up feeling energized so you can enjoy your life again, apply for a free initial consultation on this link and we will figure out if it is right for you and we will go from there.

On the call I find out exactly what’s happening for you, the program options, the prices and there is no pressure to buy on the call. 

I go through exactly what’s in the program and the benefits you get from it.

We can definitely discuss if it is right for you but either way you will go away from our call with options that can help you improve your health plus a Stress Buster Idea Sheet, if you would like it.