How I got rid of Pain in the roots of my scalp hair & Pressure on Top of my head👱‍♀️

How I got rid of Pain in the roots of my scalp hair & Pressure on Top of my head👱‍♀️

How I got rid of Pain in the roots of my scalp hair & Pressure on Top of my head👱‍♀️

I remember as a young girl having my long hair tied up. It hurt, especially when I let it down. Touching my scalp was sensitive. Having the brush running through it was not relaxing.

I just thought it was me.

No one else complained of this.

I put up with this until I was about 53.

3 things I think caused them:

1. Whiplash or Neck Problem, Poor Posture eg looking down at cellphone or laptop too long

I had whiplash as a child hit my head a few times, as you do when you are playing with older kids. One time I was placed on a merry-go-round that you push with your feet and spin really fast. Well, it might have been merry for everyone else, but I remember it vividly. I could feel my grip slowly loosening and my screams going unnoticed. They thought I was having fun! I went flying off, grazed my hands and knees, and hit my head on the hard ground.

From then on, my blood had a hard time going up my neck into the back of my head and old blood and lymph had a hard time getting out of my head, causing pressure.

2. Stress, worry, anxiety🥺

I was always anxious, an overthinker, sensitive to others' moods and vibes.

When you are stressed, you breathe shallowly. Less oxygen gets into your blood.

So here I was, a neck problem (less oxygen in my blood going up to the back of my head and brain), stressed and anxious (taking in less oxygen to give to my blood)—two reasons for less oxygen and nutrients for my head.

The Circle of Willis is a bunch of blood vessels that take blood from the front of the brain to the back. One theory is that when you get the kind of symptoms found in Fibromyalgia and some fatigue, this indicates a problem with the Circle of Willis.

These symptoms only happen for people with a problem with their Circle of Willis and a neck problem or long-term stress; otherwise, the Circle of Willis would take care of the decreased blood supply into the back of the head, and there would be no problems.

3. The Thalamus Theory When you have restricted blood flow to the back of the head, your Thalamus doesn't get enough blood supply to it either. The Thalamus usually passes on sensory information. One theory I have learned is that it doesn't pass on the information it gets from the senses (skin, eyes, ears) to the front of the brain that it is supposed to.

The scalp, being skin, grows more nerves to try and receive the feedback information. The problem lies in the Thalamus, but the nerves in the senses grow to try and receive the info. This makes a light touch feel anywhere from annoying to painful, just like our eyes and ears become oversensitive in Fibromyalgia.

Here's what I do:

I Increase oxygen to the back of my head.

1. I reduce stress – Here's some ways of how I do it: Get out in nature and with animals and fresh air. If you can’t, put some good vibes music on, listen to comedy or read a chapter of a good vibe novel I write down what is bugging me to get it out of my thoughts. Then write the opposite, to change it. There are lots of other ways, but not much room in a post. I learned two techniques. One helps me let go of things that bug my thoughts without talking about them with anyone else. The other takes me out of stress mode into a relaxed state, physically pumps oxygenated blood up into my head, and pumps old blood and lymph out of my head.
2. I improve my neck tightness and posture. How? I stop messing with my neck. Eg: trying to overstretch or click my neck and don't keep checking if it is tight. I don't look downwards or upwards for long periods. Eg at a laptop, phone, book. I prop on something to eye height. I got a separate keyboard for my laptop. I don't have my TV up high on the wall. I keep my neck straight/upright. I learned three techniques that help my neck problems, pump oxygenated blood up, old blood and lymph down and keep me out of stress mode in a relaxed state. Not everything works for everyone, but I hope some of these ideas can help the pain in the roots of your scalp hair and pressure on top/back of your head too. Without pressure in the back of our head we can think more clearly, be more relaxed and can enjoy a normal life, be with our family and friends in a more included, joyful way.

I could not wear my hair like in my photo without tenderness in my scalp. It's all good now. As long as I do some of these things daily, they help all my other symptoms too. I can live a normal life.😊

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Posted: Tue 08 Mar 2022