What I did to help my skin, sight, and sound oversensitivity.😎

What I did to help my skin, sight, and sound oversensitivity.😎

What I did to help my skin, sight, and sound oversensitivity.😎

I could never wear wool straight on my skin. I could feel the slightest thing that touched it. I couldn't stand hair touching my skin or a loose strand of hair in the bed. I also reacted to mosquito bites more than anyone else.

Bright lights, like when I would go to see a live band, I would end up with a headache which could turn into a migraine with auras (blind spots or lights), from the stage lights. When car lights came towards me at night. Or loud noises, or even lots of background noise, when I was trying to hear what someone was saying in a crowded room.

Even though I am a whole lot better now, I still don't like it when the TV is on and my partner is talking to me at the same time. It's like input overload.

I always wondered why this affected me and not others.

I found out why, I was given a theory and I agree with it…🧐

The Thalamus sits near the middle of our brain and relays messages from our senses to the frontal cortex, like the Post Office (Thalamus) sending letters via the Postman (nerves) to our house (frontal cortex).

When the Thalamus doesn't get the blood/nutrients/oxygen it needs, it can't relay the messages to the Frontal Cortex (front part of our brain). The letters/signals don't get through.

The senses like eyes, ears, touch/skin, start to grow more nerves to receive the feedback information/signals from the Thalamus.

So, a small stimulus, that others can handle, seems overwhelming to us, like car lights at night, someone talking to us with background noise, wool on our skin, as we now have extra nerves to pick up what we are seeing/hearing/touching.

The problem was not with our senses but this was their solution to try to fix the problem of not receiving feedback from the Thalamus.

Here are 6 things that I did to help my Thalamus

1. I pump blood up to the back of my brain

I found a gentle movement and breathing technique that can bring more blood into the back of the brain to feed the Thalamus so it can relay the messages properly again.

My oversensitivity to touch, lights and sound has improved a whole lot since I learned this.

2. Reduce stress to breathe deeper

Another thing that can help is to decrease stress as we breathe shallowly when we are stressed so less oxygen gets into our blood.

Things like meditating, avoiding stressful situations if you can, essential oils like lavender, having a hot bath, saying no to people more often, taking time out for yourself, going for a walk, putting some upbeat or peaceful music on, and shaking it up a little bit!

I write down things that stress me out and see if some underlying cause comes up. Then write what I want instead.

I spend time with nature, pets, or farm animals.

3. Increase oxygen intake

I open windows (heat pumps and air conditioners don’t bring in fresh air), get outside, get up and walk around if sitting for a long time to get more oxygen into my body. Do some deep breathing outside.

4. I tried sorting out problems in my neck

A past whiplash and knocks on the head, caused problems in my neck.

I tried in the past, to have treatments for it only to go back to how it was after a few days.

That's why I find the breathing and movement technique works past this problem to get the blood up to the back of my brain.

I also use a gentle neck release technique on myself, using nerve reflex to release muscles, which has a lasting effect on tightness and pain.

5. Have protection

Lol! I mean: I wear sunglasses until the nerves in my eyes heal, avoid loud noises or wear earplugs like when mowing until the nerves in my ears heal, I do what I can to give myself time to heal, I try to be kind to myself. Use eye lubricant drops daily (preservative-free).

6. Get enough sleep

This is when we do most of our healing. In a deep sleep. Some of us can't sleep well, I hear you! Sometimes medication or natural health products for sleeping is needed until this is put right. The breathing and movement technique I do helps me with this also.

It’s really hard for me to be in a happy/giving mood when things are bugging me.

These are the kinds of things I do to help prevent or reduce these symptoms and my reactions to others are less overreactive now too.

I hope this explains why we have oversensitivity in Fibromyalgia and Fatigue and gives you a few things you can do to help.

My chicken just wandered in (don't worry I don't let her stay inside!); the neighbor named her after his bossy Aunt. That’s my mother-in-law’s name too! Joyce is at the top of the pecking order around here.🐔


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Posted: Fri 25 Feb 2022